Product limited warranty

Article 1

Warranty period is 12 months for airframe parts and labor, except for the autopilot and third party components, which carry limited warranty as explained in Article 2 of these terms.

Warranty is void in case of operational accidents that are the result of operators fault, act of god, flight into known icing or adverse weather conditions, hard landings, CFIT accidents, electromagnetic pollution, flying outside of the system flight envelope, flying with modified fail-safes, flying without proper check list procedures and acknowledgments, errors in parachute folding, flying in terrain conditions that are unsafe or not properly assessed, flying outside of the line of sight communications limitations, landing in water or water bodies and similar operational errors and conditions.

Article 2

Due to the experimental nature and use of the C-ASTRAL systems components with experimental applications and the fact that the C-ASTRAL has no control over the operations and further integration and modification, testing and / or use of the Product(s) within a given application, vehicle, etc., or otherwise, the C-ASTRAL accepts no liability and is willing to provide a manufacturers “Limited Warranty”, as described below.

The Customer will inspect and reasonably test each product upon receipt and prior to use in order for any warranty claim, as described below, to be valid. Once the system is flown, no warranty claims will be allowed, except as provided in Article 3. As limited by the provisions of this Article 2, C-ASTRAL warrants the C-ASTRAL developed and provided hardware and software products sold by it to be free from defects in and arising from the assembly, manufacture, material, or workmanship of said products; provided, however, that such warranty does not apply to problems that arise from such things as, but not limited to:

The warranty shall exclude defects due to normal wear and tear, including but not limited to deterioration of the airframe after first flight, normal degradation, misuse, moisture or liquids, proximity or exposure to heat, accidents, excessive strain, abuse, neglect, misapplication, repairs or modifications made by anyone other than C-ASTRAL, damage due to manual operation, damage due to take-off or landing location with obstacles, damage due to low altitude flight, damage due to loss of data radio connection, damage due to strong wind, rain or humidity or other causes for which C-ASTRAL is not answerable.

Any claim related to IN-FLIGHT malfunction of the product within the 12 month warranty period will be considered by C-ASTRAL only if accompanied with the related flight log telemetry and Accident report form submitted to support@c-astral.com no later than 5 days from the accident/incident. The warranty is valid only if the operator holds the original certificate of training issued by C-ASTRAL.

Article 3

C-ASTRAL’s entire liability and obligation to Customer under this warranty shall be expressly limited to the repair or replacement, as C-ASTRAL may determine at its sole discretion, of any defective or nonconforming hardware product for which Customer has first given written notice to C-ASTRAL of such defect or nonconformity in the manner as provided below. No warranty is offered, expressed or implied, on any 3rd party products sold by C-ASTRAL to Customer.

No claim for original products under this warranty shall be valid unless within thirty (30) days of its receipt of any merchandise hereunder, customer shall furnish C-ASTRAL, in writing, notice of any defect in materials or workmanship or nonconformity specifying in detail any such defect or nonconformity. Absent such timely notice, Customer shall be deemed to have waived any such defect or nonconformity which could be determined based upon a reasonable inspection and testing of such goods. With respect to orders contemplating a series of shipments of merchandise by C-ASTRAL to Customer, unless Customer notifies C-ASTRAL in writing within thirty (30) days of the initial shipment of any nonconformity with any applicable specifications, then Customer shall be deemed to have waived such nonconformity with respect to subsequent shipments involving the same specifications. Other than with respect to the repair or replacement of defective merchandise by C-ASTRAL under the limited warranty as provided above, C-ASTRAL shall have no obligation to Customer with respect to any monetary damages by reason of any such nonconformity or defect, and in no event shall C-ASTRAL be liable to Customer for any lost profits or consequential damages.

C-ASTRAL shall have the option, exercisable in its sole discretion, of requiring the return to it or an authorized representative of the defective merchandise, transportation prepaid, for inspection. In the event that some, but not all items of merchandise are defective within the terms of the limited warranty set forth above, the repair or replacement of merchandise at C-ASTRAL’s option shall apply only to such defective items falling within the terms of such limited warranty and Customer shall have no right to return or seek credit for any items not so defective.


Product liability

Under no circumstances will C-ASTRAL be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (even if C-ASTRAL is notified of the possibility of such damages) including, but not limited to:


Shipping back to C-ASTRAL is paid for by the customer. We are in general unable to refund you shipping fees or any other fees that arise due to customs related actions. The customer is responsible for any and all customs charges, duties or tariffs during the items return.

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